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How to Fight the Rainy Day Blues

When its dark and gloomy what doyou do?

Europeans as well as other northerners, for the most part experience, rainy dark weather. Storms and grey skies can last for weeks or even months at a time without letting up. The lack of sunlight, which exposes people to UV lights is therefore diminished. This is usually not always conducive to the happiness of many people. Often times people tend to feel low or down because of this weather. This is of course physiological in nature. There are however a few things that can be done to help and mitigate those rainy or dark day blues.

Taking Vitamin D-3 supplements:

Vitamin D is a fat soluble substance that is produced via the UV lights from the sun. It is also found in various substances such as dairy products and cereals (fortified). Furthermore, it can be found in large quantities in fish. Examples include: Tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. Eggs also contain vitamin D. Its always good to get this substance naturally through the foods you eat or the substances you take. Going to the tanning salon is not always the best idea for this seeing as repeated unprotected exposure to UV lights can bring about skin cancer. This is also true for that winter getaway you may want to indulge in. It is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe vitamin D supplements to their patients in order to mitigate the moody effects brought on by grey skies.


The benefits of exercise are of course too numerous to name, all of which can tremendously improve the quality of one's life. The physiology behind exercise in fighting depression(of various sorts) is quite simple. Just 20 minutes or so is enough to get your endorphins going. Endorphins are the chemicals that regulate mood and give the uplifting sensation of energy to the body. Unlike stress, and anxiety (which exercise can also combat) the secretions induced through exercise are beneficial rather than the adrenaline released in a stressful situation.

The Light is your friend:

Even when its dark and rainy outside, some UV light does manage to get through. Of course, much less, but exposing yourself to some of this can be beneficial. Even though its gray and cloudy, its a good idea to go outside and get some of those rays that do manage to penetrate to the surface of the earth. Furthermore its important to ensure that there is plenty of light in the house. Leaving your rooms dark and gray can be an added factor to the blues. Get good light bulbs, and ensure the room you spend most of your time is well lit. Don't just wake up and lie in bed, get up be active and turn the lights on!