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Vitamin B9 Supplements


Vitamin B9 was first observed in 1931 as the number one source of preventing anemia in women who were pregnant. Folic Acid also known as vitamin b9, is needed mostly when human tissue is in the process of rapidly dividing or in areas where a large amount of cells are needed to be produced quickly. It is crucial in the cell repair and in theDNA/RNA replication processes. The latter reason is why it is especially needed in abundance for women who are pregnant, intend to become pregnant or who are nursing. The average adult requires approximately 400mcg of folic acid per day, to ensure proper bodily functions such as the creation of red blood cells. Women who are pregnant require approximately (if not more) close to 400mcg of vitamin B9 per day and 300mcg per day if they are breastfeeding. In additon women who intend to become pregnant who are not taking proper amounts of vitamin b9 may develop anemia during their pregnancy and that could negatively impact the outcome of their pregnancy. Taking adequate folic acid during pregnancy will help protect a fetus from disasterous consequences such as neural tube defects. Vitamin b9 is also crucial for female and male fertility. In men vitamin B9 is needed for spermatogenesis.

Vitamin B9 Deficiency

Vitamin B9 deficiency has many consequences on a person's health. The research conducted by scientists in recent years has linked folic acid deficiency to a number of health problems. It became so important that some countries have even employed fortification techniques in which supplemental vitamin B9 is placed in everydayd foods that the general public can buy at the grocery store. In additon, the United States Public Health service urges individuals to take supplemental folic acid in the form of a capsule or pill. Vitamin B9 deficiency has been known to cause the following health related problems:

  1. Pregnancy Related Problems
  2. Anemia
  3. anorexia
  4. weakness and fatigue.
  5. Weight loss

To adress these issues, folic acid supplements are sometimes perscribed. The cause ofVitamin B9 deficiency is often attributed to the following:

  1. Lack of dietary intake
  2. smoking and alcoholism
  3. stress
  4. illness or certain medications.

Other Benefits of Vitamin B9 Folic Acid

  1. Reduce the risk of Stroke - Folic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke in certain individuals.
  2. Fight Depression - Reaserach has shown that people with depression have lower folic acid levels in their body. Anti-depressants in conjunction with folic acid have been used to treat depression.
  3. Increased congnitive functions - People who take 800mcg of folic acid per day are more likely to have better mental agility, better memory function and overall better verbal fluency.

Vitamin B9 B12

Although vitamin B9 has received large scale public attention, another issue arises and that is the issue of vitamin B12. A condition known as vitamin B12 deficiency masking can occur if more than 1000mcg of vitamin B9 is taken per day. This is because the excess vitamin B9 will mask the anemia associated with vitamin b12 deficiency. However, this is dangerous because vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to adverse effects on the human nervous system.







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